Quinley tyree, 10 days old, peacefully dancing her way into heaven.

Quinley tyree, 10 days old, peacefully dancing her way into heaven.

what is mission 31?

The Ever Co is passionate about selfless service and generous giving.  We have hopes and dreams to give back to the military community who've given us so much.  We want to honor the men and women who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for this nation and it's freedom, while also embracing and uplifting the family and friends they've left behind.  We want to honor our unsung heroes, active service members and retired veterans.  Mission 31 raises $3,100 for chosen families with military ties, suffering from the heartbreaking loss of a child, battling with a child in the hospital or walking the painful journey with a child diagnosed with a terminal illness.  Here, you may self nominate or nominate another family for selection.

This project is in honor of Quinley Tyree, our first Mission 31 recipient and is dedicated to LTC (Ret) James Lee Farris, Amy's father who passed away on September 25th 2017, just three months shy of The Ever Co launch. 

Mission 31 allows their legacies to live on forever. 

To date, The Ever Co has donated over $20,000 to families. 

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