2017. We bid farewell.

Tonight we celebrated one of our favorite new family traditions. 

We decorated masks, made noise makers and marched up and down our neighborhood-making lots of loud noise-to the beat of our own drum. 

All with one goal in mind-to inspire others to celebrate life and remember the joy that comes in the morning. 

A few days ago, I shared this on my Instagram, but it was such an emotional tribute to this year that I wanted to share it again here.

I’ve watched Dancing with The Stars for over a decade since i graduated high school in 2005. I’ve grown up with the show. every year, every season, there’s one episode that i love the most. it’s the episode when every contestant gets to choose their “most memorable year.” some years are beautiful. some years are full of heartache. some years are a mixture of both. and in over 25 seasons, I’ve always wondered why I’ve never been able to say i had a “most memorable year.” until this year. 
2017 will forever be my most memorable year. . . 💗

a year of life. we spent our first year as parents of two. 
a year of redemption. the year i shared my testimony for the first time. 
a year of welcoming. we welcomed Blake back home from a nine month rotation overseas. 
a year of uncertainty. plagued with a roller coaster ride of health ups and downs for both girls.
a year of new. we launched The Ever Co. 
a year of change. i made the decision to transition from active duty to army reserves in summer of 2018. 
a year of celebration. the year i turn 31 on the 31st. 
a year of loss. on September 25th, i lost my best friend. my daddy. .

This year’s been memorable for so much God given goodness, but it’s also been memorable for heartache. . .

So here’s to 2018. here’s to hope for a better tomorrow. Here’s to living out my daddy’s legacy. Here’s to change. good change. And here’s to love. I declare 2018 my year of unfailing love.