Such a mixture of emotions leaving 2017.


So much hope + so much love for 2018.

2018 is my year of love.

A year where I transition from being an active duty Army helicopter pilot to a stay at home mama, serving in the Army reserves. To continue my love serving our nation.

A year where I lean in more with my relationship with Christ. Where I show Him more love through acts of discipline and dig deeper into His word.

A year where I prioritize my marriage more than I ever have. Where I am intentional in dating, compromising more, caring more, respecting more and loving more. 

A year where I focus on the kids and their development-emotional, physical and spiritual development. Where I show the kids just how much I love them so.

A year where I put my heart and soul into this business. Where I share my indescribable love for holidays and traditions and can share that passion with you.

Which is why I designed our Valentines collection. To share in my quest for loving myself and loving others more. To inspire dating your lover, to inspire acceptance for others and to inspire a love for self. 

So what's 2018 look like for you? I'm eager to watch you grow this year too. 

You can shop our collection here.