We are HUGEEEEE movie buffs.

When people ask what Blake and I miss most about life before kids, the answer is always GOING TO SEE MOVIES!!!

But we've also learned that movie date nights-in are just as fun! We can't wait until the girls are old enough to go to the theater, but until then-we are soaking up this time at home! There's nothing more we love than to all curl up on the couch with popcorn, blankets and our coziest pajamas and play Star Wars, The Land Before Time or Planet Earth. We're nerds, I know!!! 

During the week of Valentines, we always make an effort to watch the cute, sappy stuff (which pretty much means: hellooooooooo chick flicks + Disney movies allllll weeekkkkk longgggg) The best! 

Get ready to swoon over this daddy + daughter duo. (insert heart eye emoji here!) 

You can shop their matching shirts here (daddys) and here (babies)



And then our little ham and her pup, eating all the popcorn she can get her hands on! 


We've rounded up our all time favorite family friendly Valentine's movies that are great for kids and also our all time favorite romantic dramas/comedies for you and yours!!!

We hope you take the time to relax, sip some wine or coffee and watch movies that spread joy, hope and love this Valentines!

And yes, make it a tradition. You'd make us so so proud. 


For you + your love 

valentines movies adults copy.jpg

happy movie night!

xx, Amy