Every year we go to the strawberry patch around Memorial Day weekend. Blake and I started going many years ago, but now it's the SWEETEST tradition to do with our little family tribe!

Strawberry patches never disappoint for littles, and they yet again had a BLAST! 

And after we bring all our berries back home, Blake always makes the yummiest homemade strawberry shortcake from scratch. So thankful he has a sweet tooth too. :) 

The girls tasted one and they were a little sour hehe

little Hadley Rae

and our little Everly Brynn

One of my favorite pics. Loved walking down these strawberry rows with my girls. 

How are these our girls? So grateful. 

These two! 

We'd always rather be outdoors. 


We found a yummy watermelon too! 

We hope you make lots of memories with those you love most. Memories that are sure to last forEVER. 

xx, Amy + The Ever Co