Can't believe our very first Ever Co summer is coming to an end.

To say farewell, we've rounded up our favorite summer items for 2018.

If you follow my personal page on instagram, you probably saw most of these in action all summer long! Cause here's the thing, I will never share products with you that I don't believe in and that I wouldn't use for our family!

Let us know in the comments below if you have any other summertime favorites!

***you can click on the title of the item and it will take you directly to the link to shop!


1. KID'S PICNIC TABLE : We love this set because the girls can eat dinner outside on it, we can paint on it, play playdoh on it and all the in between! The style is very up to date too! Our suggestion (and what we did) is to stain the table and seal it so it is weatherproof and holds up better over time! We've had it all summer and have had no issues! 

2. ADULT HEART FLOAT : I'm a sucker for cute floats and we've had this one for a couple years now! It's the perfect float to travel with and is easily washed, folded and stored away until next summer! 

3. WOMEN'S STRIPED BATHING SUIT : My ALL TIME FAVORITE bathing suit and it's sooooo cheap!!! I have never felt so comfortable in a bathing suit. I highly recommend this one! I got my normal size of Small but could probably go with a medium too for a little more butt coverage hehe!

4. PORCH CANOPY : We are quite obsessed with our porch canopy! We leave it up from spring to fall and it's the perfect way to add a little shade to our porch without having to build an overhead. We also love that it doubles as a tailgate or bake sale or yard sale tent and can be moved around if needed! 

5. DONUT POOL : We've had this for two years and it is still in the BEST shape and still our favorite summer item of all time. There's just something so cute and sweet about swimming in a blow up donut pool! We wipe it down after a few days with a sponge and dish soap to ensure it doesn't mold. 

6. SINK OR SWIM FLOAT : Again, I'm a sucker for cute floats. This was a new addition this year and it's moving right up there as one of my favorite purchases of all time! 

7. WATER BEADS : We canNOT get enough of these!!! We've been playing with them alllll summer long and they are so good for sensory and tactile development! Our little Everly (who has developmental delays) spends HOURS on our porch playing with them. We also love that it gets her outside and she plays with her little dinosaurs in the beads! 

8. WATER TABLE : To go along with the water beads we HIGHLY suggest this water table! We've had it for 2 years now and seriously LOVE IT OH SO MUCH! It's easy to clean and maintain, the perfect height for kids, and acts as the perfect basin for water beads! (and sand if we get brave one day hehe)

9. BABY RAINBOW SWIMSUIT : This was a last minute buy but for the couldn't be beat! 


And here's some pics of us enjoying some of these items this summer! 


wearing the striped swimsuit here, girls are in Kortni Jeane and Indy and Pippa co.


donut pool and canopy tent shown here


water table and water beads with the neighbors


kids picnic table with the donut pool and canopy tent


We truly do hope you've had the best summer EVER!

xoxo, Amy