I have to admit that one of my all time favorite rooms in the house is the girls’ playroom.

I love that the room is surrounded by windows and there’s always so much natural light for the girls to play.

We’ve also loved that the playroom is now on our bottom floor! This allows the girls to play while mama cleans and makes dinner and it’s simply a win all around!

I always get so many questions on their playroom, so I am sharing the first half of their playroom here! I will soon blog the other side as well as a “playroom inspiration” post, because there is TONS of playroom inspo all over pinterest! You can check out my “kiddos” board here which has so much inspiration!

So here she is! The girls’ shared playroom!


A few notes before we get to some links below!

  • The hubs built these shelves!!! And guess what? We did a blog tutorial that you can read HERE! You can also see what they looked like in their old playroom. I truly do miss them in that spot, BUT the location now is so much more practical!

  • I always get tons of questions about the girls baskets! The sources are all answered below! But along with that, I always get asked what’s in them! So here’s a list from top left to bottom right:

    • DVDs, remotes, dog toys, Gathre washable play mats, play food for kitchen, play appliances for kitchen, baby dolls, blankets, building blocks and tiles, dinosaur toys and cars.

  • I linked a smaller kitchen below, but here is the link to our corner play kitchen here! It would be such a great Christmas present for your kiddos!!! Fair warning, it took us 3 hours to put together BUT IT WAS SO WORTH IT!!!! It’s the most used toy in our house! Couldn’t recommend it anymore! (I shared about how we painted all of the hardware below!) The girls are 4 and 2 and both equally love it!

  • I’ve thrifted a ton of their kitchen appliances/ flatware and it’s my biggest tip! You can find the cutest items for the play kitchen at thrift stores!

  • The kitchen wooden retro style play food IS FINALLY back in stock!!! You can shop that here for the first set and here for the second!

  • The girls aprons are from one of our absolute best friends Haley of Indy and Pippa Co!!! She is releasing some tonight but be sure you’re following her here to get updates should they sell out!!!

  • Finally, the weaving you see above the kitchen was a DIY! You can find my tutorial here, but an even better video tutorial is available in my “DIY highlights” icon on my personal instagram page here!


I’ll share links below for some of my all time favorite playroom items! If there’s anything you see that isn’t linked, please let me know!!! As always, you can click on the name of the item and it will take you to the direct link for the item!

  1. WOODEN PLAY MIXER - The girls use this SO much and love that it’s just like mama’s big mixer! They "mix cakes and cupcakes” all the time!

  2. STEP STOOL - The best and cutest little stool for really any room in the house, but it works great as a little side table / stool in the girls room. They also have one in their bedroom as a nightstand!

  3. BABY DOLL STROLLER - Not gonna lie, we may need to get the girls another one of these cause they fight over the one we have! ha! But it’s cause they just love it so stinkin much. The quality is incredible!

  4. PLAY TABLE - We’ve had this for 4 years and it’s a favorite! So durable but also super light! I just painted the bottoms of the legs of ours pink to go with our decor more!

  5. BELLY BASKET WITH POMS - We clearly have a thing for rattan and belly baskets. I hope they never go out of style, cause if so…I’m in trouble hehe! We typically get all of our bigger baskets from Home Goods, TJ Maxx and Marshalls, but ALL of our smaller baskets are from our favorite belly basket shop We Are Broots!

  6. PLAY KITCHENETTE - I linked a smaller version here but above I linked the one we have! Either one is amazing if you redo all of the “hardware!” All you have to do (BEFORE YOU PUT IT TOGETHER) is spray paint all of the pieces! We used normal rustoleum spray paint from Home Depot or Lowes and we highly suggest using a rose gold or copper! It makes the kitchen look so modern and we love it! To dry, we put wire hangers in the pieces to hang them up to ensure they’d have a smooth finish! (pro tip thanks to the handy hubs).

  7. WASHABLE RUG - Our newest piece finally arrived and it is INCREDIBLE!!! Guys, I’ve been wanting a rug in here that didn’t get too dirty but that was still cute and matched the decor AND I FOUND IT! This Lorena Canals rug is MACHINE WASHABLE!!!! We can literally pick it up and throw it in the wash whenever we want! SOLD!!! and the price point is SO reasonable! Can’t beat that.

  8. HIPPO ROCKER - I have the pink piggy rocker, but sadly they are sold out! I equally love this hippo rocker just as much and the girls seriously love going on “piggy rides” on theirs!

  9. WOODEN PLAY COFFEE MACHINE - My favorite kitchen appliance, and the girls too. They make me morning coffee and it’s truly the cutest thing ever! We love this play coffee machine!!!


I hope that answered any questions you may have! But if it didn’t, be sure you send me a message on my instagram so I can get back to you quickest!

Hugs and happy playing!

XX, Amy