I know, I know...we're about a month late with this post! So sorry!!!

We're finally getting around to our Easter Basket ideas, and we are so excited to share them with our community here! 


We like to follow a rule of fours for our baskets every year! Our biggest tip? Put things into the kiddos' baskets that are practical! We love getting items that we need to buy anyways so we aren't spending money on useless items. Of course, we love spoiling the girls with a couple things we know they'll love, but we try to keep that to a minimum! 

1. Something to read.

2. Something to play with.

3. Something to wear. 

4. Something to eat.


Everly's our oldest (3 yrs. 3 months) and Hadley is our little lady (1 yr. 3 months).

Our second tip? 

Use baskets that won't be stuffed into a closet or thrown away after Easter! We LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea of using storage bins for baskets!!! These bins were found at Ikea for super cheap! $4.99 cheap!!! Do whaaaa?! I then tied little letters to them for each of the girls! I've used those letters for two years now.  We're ALL about reusing things! 


1. Something to read: For E's basket I found this hot pink bunny book at Barnes n Noble A YEAR AGO!!! I was there studying and saw it for $7 in the clearance section! The weirdest thing? THERE'S NO TITLE! haha! I have no idea what it's called, but I've saved it for a whole year to give to her! haha! 

For H's basket I got Bunny Roo, I love you! It's the cutest and most whimsical little book! We love it! 

2. Something to play with: Our favorite toy company hands down is Bannor Toys.  We are so in love with the timeless wooden pieces they create and this little camera is no exception! They're going to love playing pretend with it when mama and daddy are out photographing! 

We also got some new Tubby Todd hair and body wash because they both LOVE to play in the tub! They're big fan of Tubby Todd and so are we! The jelly bean smell is DELISH

We got Hadley to special little pieces: a new slumberkins sloth cause hellloooooo precious little sloth baby! And we got her a new rubber ducky from our favorites Oli and Carol! Both of these shops never disappoint. 

3. Something to wear: This typically ends up being a few items for us because we like getting new pieces during the spring in time for summer and their growing bodies! This year we got the girls the CUTEST clogs and huarache flats from Old Navy for wayyyy cheap! I couldn't believe it, and once I saw how great the review were we couldn't resist! 

We also got our new Jean and June shirts in and our new Indy and Pippa bows! We can't rave about these shirts and bows enough!!! We have some bigggg plans in the works with both of these shops and can't wait to share more in the future, but until then-we're just gonna keep supporting these mamas through and through! 

Lastly, we got the girls new knee high socks for the year from Little Stocking Co and Pip and Willow! They're our favorites for great quality knee highs and tights! 

4. Something to eat: FINALLY we did something a little different this year for this one! Typically we'd do a few eggs with some yummy treat or gummies, but we are going to a big neighborhood easter egg hunt and we're trying to protect their little teeth while we can! So, instead of getting treats or snacks, we got utensils, bowls and plates from the coolest company ever Avanchy!!!! I've tried some other suctioned plates and bowls before, but they just didn't seem to work. But these?!?! These work! I am so happy we got these for the girls and love that they'll get to use them for years and years to come! 

We add in little things like stickers, chalk, bubbles and some little things from the Target Dollar Spot (kinda like stocking stuffers) but this is the majority of what's in their baskets! 

We hope you love them as much as the girls do! ;) 


Ever Co tip: Pin these images to your pinterest for easy reference next year! 

xx, Amy + The Ever Co