Hey there! If you're new around here, let me tell you what I'd want you to know first:

We are a mama and papa bear who love creating traditions for our girls to grow old with. Ones that will transcend generations and make a mark in history for heritage to thrive! 

Today we'd love to share our favorite Easter traditions with you! 




And here are our cookies! Our favorite recipe is found here! We also cut all of the ingredients in half this batch, cause we knew we'd be getting a ton of sugar from easter egg hunting; just simply divide each ingredient in half to make a half batch! 

Cookie Letters: Home Goods. Snagged them for $3.99!

Plate: Magnolia's Hearth and Hand line from Target (available in select stores)

Rug: Anthropologie (not available anymore)



We absolutely loved that Everly could actually help with this this year! She even got a special treat out of being such a good helper! 


Snow egg angels are a thing right? Everly seems to think so! 


And there's our stash! 

Basket: From We Are Broots.

Rug: Rugs USA

Everly's top:



One of our all time favorite traditions, that's for sure. Reminds us of pumpkin carving in the fall! But it's also one of the messiest! 


This year we did a fun shaving cream method! We did NOT eat these eggs. This was simply for fun to see what kind of cool colors we could get! If we would've let them sit longer I think we could've gotten more of the tie dye look, but we still loved them! 

Step 1. Fill bowls with shaving cream.

Step 2. Drop 3-5 drops of food coloring in each.

Step 3. Stir.

Step 4. Drop hard boiled eggs in each and swirl around.

Step 5. Let sit as along as you can stand it! 

Step 6. Remove Eggs.

Step 7. Be prepared for your hands to be superrrrr stained. Wear gloves if you can! 

Step 8. To rinse off, use hot water and soap and warm white vinegar. It worked! 



Our neighborhood is amazing and each year we hold an annual easter egg hunt for the millions of kiddos that live here! This year I dressed the girls up in cute little outfits and they had on their Sunday best! Here's a pic from the hunt! 


We also love taking the girls to the Easter Sunday service. We know they can't quite understand much yet, but we are so excited for them to learn about the Resurrection and empty tomb! He is ALIVE! 

Skirts: Target.

Baskets: We are Broots and Hobby Lobby.

Headband/Bow: Indy and Pippa.

Shirts:  Stylin Sophie.

Socks: Little Stocking Co.

Shoes: Old Navy. 



There's a blog post on their baskets, which you can read here and find all the details, but here's a few pics of the girls opening their baskets this year! 



Blake and I are foodies, that's for sure. We started a new tradition last year of having a deviled egg bar and Jalapeño poppers for brunch and it didn't disappoint! They're two of our all time favorite appetizer type foods, but we made enough for it to be a meal! We also love us a good midday iced coffee!

Recipes for all below! 


Deviled Eggs: 

1. Boil Eggs (we have an egg boiling appliance that we got off Amazon that we absolutely LOVE! It makes the perfect hard boiled eggs! 

2. Cut in half and remove yolk.

3. Mix in mayo (or miracle whip) and mustard. Add salt, pepper, paprika and pickle juice to taste and to liking.

Jalapeño Poppers:

1. Clean, cut off ends and gut everything out of the jalapeños. (wear gloves so your hands don't burn)

2. Fill halves with cream chees.

3. Wrap with choice of bacon. We use a maple or apple smoked flavor to make them sweet and spicy!

4. Bake in oven for 30-45 minutes depending on liking at 400 degrees! 

Iced Coffee:

1. Make two shots of espresso. We love our breville! 

2. Add in ice cubes and milk.

3. We also add in caramel drizzle and coldstone creamer to add a little flavor! 



We also watched the movie "Hop" as a family and read a ton of books about Jesus over the weekend.  Two things we didn't get to do this year that we'd love to do next year are go see the Easter Bunny and go to a sunrise service on the beach!

Now tell us, do you have any other Easter Traditions that we didn't do? We'd LOVE to know!

XX, Amy + The Ever Co