Every year we share our bucket list for the summer, fall and winter and our Summer Bucket List (updated) is here! This is a free downloadable printable that you can print at home or at your local office supply store!

Here’s my encouragement: this is not a “do everything here” bucket list. This is a list of ideas and inspiration for you and yours to make memories this summer. So whether you do one item or all 50, we hope lots of memories are made in your sweet homes and beyond! Nothing here is crazy wild, just simple and full of love.

Happy memory making!


And here are some pictures from our summer bucket list adventures thus far! We’ll continue updating it throughout the summer as we mark items off our list.


If you want to reference this list in the future, be sure you pin this image above or any image within this post! That way you can come back to it!

Thanks for following along on our family adventures!