The post is finally here! A few days ago I shared my Mother’s Day Gadget Essential Must Haves in my Instagram Stories and they were a big hit! They’re now saved in my “Mama Must Haves” Highlights if you wanna see these bad boys in action! (It’s that pink button all the way to the left).


But I’ll share them here cause I realize not everyone is in a season of spending or in a position to add anything to your home! As always, please never be tempted to purchase anything just cause I share it. I do truly try to share items that are generally cheap or affordable, and I always try my hardest to share items when they’re on sale!

These items specifically are my must have items for mamas. I use nearly all of them every day of my life. These would make perfect gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, Christmas etc! So be sure to pin and save this post for the future! (It’s easy to send to your significant other, parents or in laws too, hehehe!)

Let me know if you have any questions!

  1. Headrest Hooks - These are the simplest, cheapest, oddly needable (is that a word? nope) gadgets ever. We hang them on the back of our headrest and I hang bags from them or the girls put their tablets in them while we’re traveling! They declutter the floor and are magic!

    And these are the tablet cases we use as well!

  2. Hair Mist Spray Bottle - This little bottle is the easiest way to make your babes look like they had their hair wash, without actually washing their hair…hahah! Silly much? But truly, I maybeeee wash my girls’ hair once a week. On the days I don’t, we just spritz their hair with this little bottle and it just lightly mists their hair! It then makes it soooo much easier to brush! I love that this doesn’t drench their hair though since it’s a fine mist!

  3. Straightener - I SWEAR by this straightener now, I really only use it to give smooth soft beachy waves, and it is the best for that. It gets super hot, has multiple temp settings based on how healthy your hair is and my hair never gets caught in the edges like it does with a ton! BUT the best part? It has a built in safety mechanism that allows it to immediately shut off should you accidentally leave it on when you leave the house! GENIUS!!!!! (and puts my anxious mama heart at such peace).

  4. Essential Oil Diffuser - I’ve been using Young Living oils for quite some time now, but I haven’t invested in their diffusers quite yet. So in the meantime, I use this AMAZING $20 diffuser that changes into the prettiest colors and offers a LOT of mist!!! We almost use it as a humidifier too cause it puts off so much mist! The lights are bright so it can even work as a nightlight!!! Our whole house smells yummy when we diffuse oils with this one.

  5. Espresso Machine - Okay I said I included two splurges and this is one. But…I drink WAYYYYY less espresso based beverages at Starbucks now cause of this guy! Was it expensive? Yes. But it’s cut back my Starbucks consumption drastically which makes it completely even out! In the end, it was an investment piece worth the investment. AND THE DRINKS ARE FABBBBB. You can see it in action in my Mama Must Haves highlight on my IG linked above!

  6. Luggage - The other splurge is this luggage. I’ve always thought it was so beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, but I’ve truly fallen in love with these pieces. They are lightweight, have a lifetime warranty, the carry ons have a built in phone charger and they’re just very functional. I also love the built in lock on the suitcases as well!

  7. Blowdryer - To go along with the straightener, my hair has NEVER been so shiny and I 100% owe it to this blowdryer. I don’t know what it is, but it truly makes my hair even healthier. It doesn’t hurt that it’s pretty too.

  8. Cordless Vacuum - IF YOU GET NOTHING ELSE HERE, YOU MUSTTTTTT MUSTTTTTT MUSTTTTT get this cordless vacuum. It is LIFECHANGING. My husband, our nanny and I all use this EVERY SINGLE DAY because it’s quick and easy to clean up little messes from kiddos. BUT I also love that I can quickly grab it and take it into the car! We take it on roadtrips and it makes the final cleanup when we return home SOOOO much easier!!!

  9. Egg Boiler - My second mama must have is THIS GUY!!!! If you or anyone in your family likes hard boiled eggs or makes them a lot for special occasions, yall THIS IS IT! You MUST watch the video tutorial I did in my highlights, cause it’s just crazy I haven’t had one of these my whole life.

  10. Wine Preserver + Stopper - I NEVER NEVER NEVER finish my wine if I’m drinking it alone. It takes me a few days to finish the bottle. and I don’t know why we didn’t get this sooner. It preserves your wine by giving it an air tight seal and on day 3 my wine still tastes fresh!!!!

  11. Wine Opener - Next to this thing. WHATTTT were we doing without this? If you are a wine drinker and don’t have this to open your bottles, look no further. Never have to hurt your hand turning a screw into a cork again!

  12. Wine Foil Cutter - andddddd yes this is my 3rd wine gadget. Also this guy. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve accidentally gotten the foil into the wine or just ripped it off in an ugly fashion. This solves all of those problems!

  13. Outlet Charging Station - And finally, this. We are never searching for chargers or open outlets cause we keep this right by our “throw everything in there” baskets by our mudroom drawer. It makes charging so easy for us! From phones to tablets to computers, we can charge it all at once in one place!


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Happy gifting! XX, Amy